Stealth Plate European size (other sizes available) features include:

Hide your license plate at the push of a button

Stealth Plate is the original, most reliable, and most easily installable device for hiding your license plate.

Installs in minutes and bolts right to your existing license mounting points. Easily mounts to almost every car, truck, SUV, or van ever manufactured.

If you are a racer, or show-car enthusiast, Stealth Plate is a must! Works great for red light cameras and speed cameras too.

With an easy press of a button, the plates become invisible by a shield hiding the plate in 2 seconds. You can hide the front or rear plates independently or both at the same time. An l.e.d. indicator in the cabin will show when the plates are hidden or visible. There are two frames available, abs plastic and metal. Please make sure you click on the appropriate buy now button to the right. Both systems are priced at $199

** The Laser Jammer Store assumes no responsibility for any use, misuse or application of these products in violation of any applicable laws. Before installing this product, please check your state and local laws/regulations **

Stealh Plate Euro (For Cars/SUVs)

Stealth Plate package Includes:

* Wireless key fob to cover front/rear plate(s)

* 2 Frame Assemblys w/ Specialty Covers

* Control unit

* LED indicator

*Email us for shipping quotes if you live outside Europe or the U.S.*



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